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简介高中地震英语作文带翻译_高中地震英语作文带翻译范文       高中地震英语作文带翻译的今日更新不仅仅是技术上的更新,更是人们生活方式的改变。今天,我将和大家探讨关于高中地震英语作文带翻译的今









        At 14:28 on May 12, a magnitude 8 earthquake happened in wenchuan county, sichuan province in China. When I saw on television the news, my heart a tight, an acid strength pours into my nose. This is, so many tragic scene in my mind.

       I don't want to hear after the earthquake struck, heartless, ruthless earthquake claimed many lives.

       I daydream, if I were an angel, I will ask them to gain life. If I am not quick not slow time, I will turn back the hands of time, before the disaster, ask you to leave the land of the disaster. For example, I am a sudden earthquake again; The sunshine when I see the happiness, happy family, I will not have the heart to killing hands to them.

       I like how the earth! But he was took so much of your precious life. Earthquake is a natural disaster, we should take action to defense.

       We have to save lives, bring benefits to human beings.

       Sichuan friends, let's go hand in hand with love.



       This booklet is designed to help you and your family plan for and survive a major earthquake. By taking action to be prepared, you can lessen the impact of an earthquake on your family. Set aside some emergency supplies, and teach your family what to do at home during and after a disaster. You could be without help for up to 72 hours, so learn to cope for at least that long.

       Movement of the ground is seldom the actual cause of death or injury. Most casualties result from partial building collapse and falling objects and debris, like toppling chimneys, falling bricks, ceiling plaster, and light fixtures. Many of these conditions are easily preventable.

       Because earthquakes occur without warning, it’s important to take steps now to prepare, so that you know what you can do and how to respond — constructive, protective action is possible.





       The reason why the earth quakes

       Earthquake is bad. It destroys millions of homes and even takes thousands of lives. Everybody hates earthquakes. Many scientists devote their whole life working on this subject, trying to find out why the earth quakes and how to prevent it from more damages. So, why does the earth quake?

       I believe most Chinese know about this story : At first, there was a complete chaos in nowhere in the universe, after nobody-knows-how-many years, a man who was later named Pangu was shaped and woke up. He split the chaos with an axe. That's when we had the earth separated from other materials. Then his body was transformed into the moutains and rivers on earth.Here, one thing to be noticed is that Pangu is not died, he just fell asleep and integrated himself with the soil. During his trillions of years sleep, he need a turnover or a scratch on some ithcy points. When he turns his body part to another position, we have earthquake, just like when he sniffs, we have hurricane. From this point of view, we as the most intelligent creatures in the world must behave, or once he wakes up at some time, nobody knows what will happen, but one thing for sure is that days must be much tougher than when we have earthquakes.


       地震很讨厌, 他使千万家庭流离失所,很多人失去了性命。所有人都痛恨地震。很多科学家们奉献了他们的一生研究地震,想找出地震发生的原因和减少损失的措施。那么,地震为什么会发生呢?



       The victim of disasters mostly the whole body mud dust, not a few persons return negative harm, but transfer the order in the process basic normal, but severely wounded member then from the armed police warrior and relief after personnel lift a city, cause from become all,the 绵 sun etc. the ambulance of the ground rob to deliver north 川 to save to cure.

       City ground in north 川 County 14 low-lying and damp mountain ditch of the noodles wreath mountains in, the on all sides mountain elevation is 500-1000 meters, all getting close to the county city, the county city and the contact of the external world mainly depend a second class highway that turns over mountain.After the afternoon earthquake take place on 12th, the side of this highway city a the segment is become the fried dough twist form by the 拧 , splitting place to fall to differ to reach few rices up and down in the road noodles, but another a then is cut off by the mountain body of the slippery ascent, in addition to body the strong dint is strong is few someone can pass here, plusing on all sides top of hill still at constantly the 垮 fall rock, city earthquake in north 川 County after almost isolate with the external world.

       The victim of disasters, who is transfer,s are all very sad, who not a few persons tell to say toward the relief personnel constantly to is cover up, who haven't yet come out, but total and last motion still more stable, in addition to having already robbed the food and water separately, have no other acute behaviours.







       Earthquake is a natural hazard,always threatening the life of people,so everyone is afraid of earthquakes,but do you know how to protect yourself in an earthquake?

       In the school.

       First,keep calm.

       Second:in the playground,or outdoor,can not move down,to protect the head with your hands,and pay attention to avoid tall buildings or danger.

       Third:don't go back to the classroom.Should be organized to evacuate after the earthquake.

       Fourth:don't jump off a building!Don't stand in the window!